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is a full service accounting company, established in Latvia

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Accounting Latvia is a full service accounting company, established in Latvia, working within the fields of accounting and micro-company formation in Latvia, with companies within the Baltic and Scandinavian region.

Within the 13 years of our experience, Accounting Latvia team has developed a strong and credible reputation, working with companies of different scale and field, with more than 230 employees and over a million euro turnover.

Therefore Accounting Latvia has developed profound expertise in the field and is ready to take upon your company’s accounting undertakings or help you form a company in Latvia yourself.



We work satisfying all of our customer’s distinct requirements, crafting an individual approach to every single one of our clients. We have experience working both as external consultants, referring companies on different matters, and internal additions to companies.

Our services include:

Payroll accounting (calculation, deduction/holiday/overtime inclusion, payout);

Tax accounting (VAT declaration preparation);

Fixed asset recognition;

SRS audit;

Billing (accounting and organizing, advance billing control, invoice input);

Accountant selection;

Preparation of annual reports and other financial statements;

Company formation/ elimination in Latvia;

Scandinavian back office.



Due to the micro-company (Taxed 9% on turnover) friendly environment in Latvia, micro-company formation/elimination in Latvia takes 2 days and the tax burden upon them is 9% of the annual turnover, therefore in order to stimulate micro-company formation Accounting Latvia provides company formation execution in Latvia.

As an alternative, we consult entrepreneurs upon regular company formation, on which the tax burden in Latvia is 15% of the company’s profit.

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As a persistently growing company we are interested in cultivating the team of professionals, therefore if you posses experience in accounting and would like to try to work as an assistant accountant, send us your CV and motivation letter to


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Phone: +371 26322736
Address: Tērbatas iela 14, Rīga, LV 1001, Latvia